call outs

As there are NO fees or annual charges we only charge for our time as and when it is needed.

From experience this can save  a lot of money in the long run.

The only time you would get charged in addition to your normal changeover, weekly clean or any other service you have with us would be for:

  • In the event that a guest has a problem in which we cant solve over the phone, or we have to meet tradesmen etc there will be a charge for our time accordingly.
  • If we have to purchase any replacement goods or items on your behalf (these items would be invoiced separately too).
  • Emergency call outs for any reason.
  • To meet any tradesmen on site – we do try to avoid this where we can as our guys are quite happy to go on site provided there is access via a key safe.
  • Miss appointments.
  • Meter readings
  • Property checks – this is something we would ensure is carried out every 3-4 weeks if the property is to be left unoccupied.
  • Property close down for winter – this is if you are not going to be using the property and would ensure that all the water / electricity / gas etc is turned off.

Monday – Friday

9:00 to 20:00                                                £20.00                                 £10.00

20:00 to 9:00                                                £40.00                                 £20.00

Saturday – Sunday

9:00 to 20:00                                                £30.00                                 £15.00

20:00 to 9:00                                                £60.00                                 £30.00

 All call outs are charged at a minimum of 1hr and then for every 15 minutes thereafter.

NB: The above list of chargeable services are correct at time of publication and may be subject to change without notice and if the management company deems reasonable to charge.